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Floor mask is two layer material. The upper layer is made up of recycled fibre and the lower layer is a thin layer of Polyethylene (P-E) film.

The recycled fibre of the upper layer absorbs liquids such as paints and stains falling on it and the P-F film of the lower layer attaches the floor mask firmly on the floor. Floor mask saves time for cleaning the floor after painting and the labour charge for cleaning the door. Also it avoids the use of hard materials for cleaning,thus it prevents scratches on the surface of the floors. The material is light weight. A single roll of Floor Mask with the size 1 mtr x 50 mtr weighs only 180-300 g/m2 while the White Sticky Floor Mask weighs 160-350 g/m2.

The light weight and the flexible quality of the material to fold and roll makes the products EASY TO HANDLE. The recycled fibre of the upper layer absorbs paints, stains or other liquids falling on it. This makes the painter to stand on the floor mask without slipping and paint safely, making it an ANTI-SLIP product. Also the Polyethylene (P-E) film of the lower layer prevent excess liquids that may ooze out from the recycled fibre to the floor, which again makes it anti-slip on the floor. Floor mask is made up of biodegradable materials making it an ECOFRIENDLY pollution free product. Floor mask is LESS ABRASIVE and can be reused several times compared to other product.

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